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Don't Visit the Philippines

If you are a foreigner visiting and traveling in the Philippines, you have a big target painted on your front side and back side because no matter where you go in the Philippines, many Filipino men, women, and children will target you to take your money (and sometimes even your life) in so many ways. Here is only a partial list of the risks to your money and to your life if you visit the Philippines---

1. Beggars. Many beggars will touch your body, try unrelentingly to beg money from you, and distract your attention (e.g., many beggar children surrounding you) for pick pocketing of your wallet, purse, cell hone, jewelry, and laptop computer.  Beggars are often recruited, trained, and supervised by gang leaders.

2. Pick pocketing, theft, and armed robbery.  No matter how carefully you try to protect against pick pocketing and theft, YOU WILL BE A CRIME VICTIM during your visit to the Philippines.  American Phillip Fry has been a pick pocket victim three times in the Philippines. Your best defense is a money belt that you wear UNDERNEATH your shirt or jacket.  Filipino thieves are very talented, experienced, and aggressive. For example, they can use a knife to cut quickly the shoulder strap of women's purses, money belts worn outside of your shirt, computer bags, etc.  Items that you have in your suitcase are frequently stolen by workers handling baggage for airlines, ferries, and bus companies.  Hotel rooms are frequently burglarized.  Armed robbery of foreigners is common-place. Read the U.S. State Department's Philippines 2012 Crime and Safety Report, issued on Feb. 20, 2012.

3. Constant, unrelenting harassment by street vendors who try to sell you fake and dangerous Viagara and Cialis pills, sex with a Filipina whore, and/or fake counterfeit merchandise of all types.

4. Dangerous travel via buses and ferries.  Traveling by plane is the ONLY safe way to travel in the Philippines. Otherwise, your life is often in danger by poorly-maintained buses and ferries and from reckless operation of buses and ferries.  Many ferries sink on a frequent basis in the Philippines. One ferry sinking in Manila Bay killed approximately 6,000 passengers.

5. Cheating and dishonest Filipina women.  Although there are many good and wholesome Filipina ladies interested in meeting and marrying foreigners for true love, many are con artists and schemers. It is common for a bad Filipina to seek a foreigner for marriage at the same time that she already has one or more Filipino boyfriends, who continues on as her boyfriend(s) even after her engagement and marriage to a foreigner.  Don't ever send money to a Filipina whom you have never met, no matter what hard luck story she tells you---e.g., she needs money for her school tuition or a review course to prepare for an exam like nursing certification, burial of a relative, medical problems of a parent, etc. Filipinas will tell you anything to get your money and/or to get you to marry them so that they can have an immigration visa to the U.S. or elsewhere. It is common for Filipina wives to divorce their foreigner husbands after they get their permanent immigration card (green card in USA) so that they can get their husband's money in a divorce and so that they can marry a younger man in the States or elsewhere.  One Filipina murdered (and got away with it) her American husband to inherit his million dollar estate so that she could live in luxury with her Filipino boyfriend in the Philippines.

6. Weather storms, flooding, landslides, earthquakes,  & more!  Your life can be put into jeopardy by one of the frequent Philippine typhoons (hurricanes), floods, earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, etc. The Philippines is in the direct path of many frequent typhoons that cause massive flooding, landslides, and loss of life. In addition, because the Philippines is in the Pacific area "ring of fire", frequent earthquakes and volcano eruptions also endanger lives in the Philippines.

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