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When a defaulting Filipina tenant can keep her American landlord out of the Philippines so that he cannot evict her, it is easy to understand that it is very unwise for a foreigner to invest in a such corrupt nation, in which many Filipinos continually try to take financial advantage of foreign visitors and foreign investors. 

This entire website explains well the bad experience of one American investor in the Philippines, but Mr. Fry's experiences are not unique. The following article by Philippines journalist Ramon Tulfo, as published in the Philippines leading newspaper Philippines Daily Inquirer, is a good insight into why you should never invest in Philippines real estate or a Philippines business. The widespread high Philippines crime, especially against foreigners, is another big reason not to invest. Read the U.S. State Department's
Philippines 2012 Crime and Safety Report, issued on Feb. 20, 2012.

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Why foreigners don't invest in Philippines

Corruption, bribery, high power rates and militant employees drive investors away.

by Ramon Tulfo

Sep 29, 2011

Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

President Noy has been going abroad inviting foreign businessmen to invest in the country. Only very few investors will answer President Noy's invitation.

Ours is not an investor-friendly government and country.

Potential investors will have to reckon with corrupt officials at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of Trade and Industry and the Bureau of Customs, which will assess the machinery and equipment to be brought in.

That's not all.

Potential investors will have to bribe officials of towns and cities where the foreign-owned companies will be set up.

Even barangay officials will have to be bribed for a business permit to be released. You think that's the end of it? No sir!

We have one of the highest power rates in the world; so much of the investors' expenses will be for the payment of electric bills.

What also drives away foreign investments are our militant employees. They stage strikes and walkouts once they see their company is earning.

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