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Phillip Fry's reply of March 25, 2012, to Philippines Immigration Commissioner Ricardo A. David, Jr.'s letter to refute the false accusations by Catherine Morin Sy

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Honorable Ricardo A. David, Jr.
Philippines Bureau of Immigration
Magallanes Drive, Intramuros
Manila 1002

Dear Commissioner David,

Thank you for your prompt and responsive letter of March 21st in regard to the lifting of my name from the Bureau’s Blacklist (RADJR-11-384).

In response to the requests stated in your letter, please note the following:

1. Copies of the NSO certificates for the marriage of Phillip Fry and Victoria Fry and the NSO birth certificates for our three loved daughters Heather Fry, Nicole Fry, and Valerie Fry are attached hereto as four separate email attachments.

2. In response to Catherine Sy’s false accusation that I am engaged in profiteering, I respond as follows.
The “Price Act” (REPUBLIC ACT NO. 7581, May 27, 1992), Section 5, defines “profiteering” as follows:

          (2) Profiteering, which is the sale or offering for sale of any basic necessity or prime commodity at a price grossly in excess of its true worth. There shall be prima facie
          evidence of profiteering whenever a basic necessity or prime commodity being sold: (a) has no price tag; (b) is misrepresented as to its weight or measurement; (c) is
          adulterated or diluted; or (d) whenever a person raises the price of any basic necessity or prime commodity he sells or offers for sale to the general public by more than
          ten percent (10%) of its price in the immediately preceding month.

I have never engaged in profiteering in the Philippines or anywhere else. I have never even owned or managed a Philippines business which offered for sale “any basic necessity or prime commodity at a price grossly in excess of its true worth.” My income is my U.S. social security pension income plus my American earnings as an environmental professional. My former wife Victoria formerly operated a grocery store in Mabinay, Philippines, in her sole ownership name, but she never ever engaged in profiteering in the sale of food and other grocery items.

3. In response to Catherine Sy’s false accusation that I am engaged in prostitution, I respond as follows. The Philippines "Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003" (REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9208, May 26, 2003), Section 3, paragraph c, defines “prostitution” as follows:

          (c) Prostitution - refers to any act, transaction, scheme or design involving the use of a person by another, for sexual intercourse or lascivious conduct in exchange
          for money, profit or any other consideration.

I have never engaged in the business of prostitution in the Philippines or anywhere else. As stated previously above, my income is my U.S. social security pension income plus my American earnings as an environmental professional.

4. To accuse me falsely of such serious crimes is typical of Catherine Sy, who is a habitual, pathological liar and a smooth talking, dishonest con lady and scam schemer.  During the three years I have known her, she has lied to me dozens of times, and she has stolen large amounts of money and property from me.

Here are just three (from many!!!) examples of her gross dishonesty.  First example: because Ms. Sy was having difficulty making her motorcycle loan payments to Golden Sun Finance  (Dumaguete), she told the Golden Sun personnel that I had stolen her motorcycle.  Because I am a previous, paid-in-full loan client of Golden Sun with a good record for loan repayments and for the highest personal integrity, Golden Sun personnel told Ms. Sy that they did not believe her theft allegation against me. Ms. Sy then proceeded to make her payments when she realized her lie had failed at Golden Sun.

Second example: without my knowledge, permission, and written consent, in 2011, Ms. Sy sold a small building that I own (building only because the land beneath the building belonged to my three Filipina daughters) next to the Fry Grocery Store, Lumbangan, Mabinay, Negros Oriental, for P80,000 cash paid to her by an unsuspecting local couple who made the big mistake of trusting Ms. Sy. I never received any of the P80,000 paid by the couple for my building, and I will have to file a lawsuit against the Sy-victimized couple to regain possession of that building.

Third example: in June, 2011, I gave permission to Ms. Sy to sell ONLY 7 wooden shelving units inside the Fry Grocery Store.  Although Ms. Sy actually paid me approximately P9,000 for that approved sale, Mrs. Sy then proceeded without my permission or knowledge to sell approximately P500,000 of expensive glass and steel store fixtures and a large number of expensive security mirrors that were the fixtures of the large grocery store. Ms. Sy kept all of the sale proceeds for herself. In addition, the people to whom she made the unauthorized sale heavily damaged the ceramic tile floor throughout the first floor of the store by dragging the purchased store fixtures across the floor, and thus heavily and deeply scratching the ceramic floor tiles.

The five people who know Ms. Sy best (her husband Edward Sy, who many years ago separated permanently from Ms. Sy, Edward’s parents, and Ms. Sy’s parents) have all told me directly to my face that Ms. Sy is a non-stop liar who has lied to each of them repeatedly, beginning in Ms. Sy’s teenage years (she is now in her mid-thirties).

Also, please also take into account that NO Philippines criminal prosecutor has ever charged me with any crime---profiteering, prostitution, or anything else---since I first started visiting the Philippines in 1995. I have also never violated Philippines immigration laws.  For example, I have never over-stayed my numerous visitor visa expiration dates.

Also, please note that one of key provisions of the now defaulted Sy lease for the Econotel Guest Inn is a paragraph in which Ms. Sy agrees to always support my being a visitor in the Philippines.  Leasing the guest inn to Ms. Sy was proposed to me by Ms. Sy after my Silliman University doctors told me in June, 2010, that I only had six months to live, and that I needed to go immediately to the USA for treatment of my advanced, spreading prostate cancer and bone cancer treatment.  Of course, I went shortly thereafter to the USA and my life was saved. My USA doctors told me that I was within one day of dying from total kidney failure when I was admitted to the hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Naturally, I was very depressed about my imminent death, and I thus signed the lease prior to my flying to the States with Ms. Sy because of my despondency and despair.  Fortunately, intensive  and very expensive U.S., Philippines, and Malaysian medical care has extended my life so far, but my time is running out for me to be alive to visit my three loved Filipina daughters in the Philippines.

Because Ms. Sy had several times previously threatened to blacklist me with immigration so that I would not be able to visit my three Filipina daughters living in Mabinay and not be able to manage my real estate buildings, I purposely insisted on the lease provision that Ms. Sy would always support my being in the Philippines.

Ms. Sy’s violation of the lease by her blacklisting me, her non-payment of rent since last March, 2011, her failure to pay the guest inn real estate taxes, and her non-repayment of the large amounts of money and property that she has taken from me are the primary reasons for my pursuing the termination of that unfortunate lease with Ms. Sy. Please see the notarized lease termination served on Ms. Sy in June, 2011, which is also an email attachment to this letter.

Blacklisting me is Ms. Sy’s big strategy and hope to keep from paying her huge debts to me and to keep herself from being evicted as a defaulted tenant of my guest inn.

I pray and hope that you will understand that I am 68 years old and a medically-struggling cancer survivor who needs to be able to visit my children in the Philippines while I am still alive, and also to be able to sell or rent the Mabinay buildings so that I will have additional funds for the expensive medical care that I need on a regular basis just to survive.

Please immediately lift my blacklisting in your Immigration Bureau’s computer system and please email me (as email attachment) your signed official form that lifts my blacklisting to my email address

I will be very grateful and appreciative of your kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity in enabling me and my children to be with each other in the short remainder time of my life. I would like to fly THIS WEEK (while air tickets are still available) to the Philippines so that I can spend Holy Week (
April 1 through Sunday April 8) onward with my three Filipina daughters and with my Filipina fiancé. Holy Week is an important time for families to be together and to pray and worship together.


Phillip Fry
P.O. Box 32002
Mesa, Arizona 85275, USA

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